A Smarter Content Slider with jQuery

Content sliders have rapidly become a standard element in modern Web design. They provide web designers (and Internet professionals in general) an opportunity to showcase content along with compelling, and in some cases, supporting images.

One of the problems with content sliders however (and granted, it's a very first world Web design problem) is that users always start with the first slide. That's certainly logical, and for most users that experience is just fine as designers can prioritize the content they display and those users sees upon the initial visit.

There may be times however when it is necessary to control which slides users see first. If that sounds like it would be useful to you, check out HashSlider v2 (https://mhuegel.de/lab/hashslider/), a jQuery-based slider that adds a hashtag to a window location, making it possible to link to any content or position within the slider.

Slide content can be loaded from an external HTML file (useful for improving page speed) and is responsive as well. For a donation of just a few dollars, designers can also access additional features including autoslide capability, a time marker, as well as receive the ability to navigate by mousewheel.