Ad Formats With Brand Engagement in Mind

Online video advertising and video monetization network Tremor Media released a series of products which aim to improve video advertisers' ability to drive response and brand engagement.

Six new formats and features have been released, most noteworthy perhaps is the Pre-Roll Plus Overlay which invites users to interact with a clickable overlay that appears over the publishers content immediately following a standard pre-roll.

Additional features and formats include:

- vChoice Select: Allows user to choose which video ad they'd like to see before it's delivered, enhancing relevance and brand engagement.

- vChoice Rotator: Provides advertisers the ability to rotate multiple brand videos in a single creative unit. Advertisers with multiple video assets can present fewer options as thumbnails within the vChoice menu, and rotate the options each time an impression is served to the same user.

- Data Feed: Dynamically populates brand or location specific data within the ad unit to drive relevance and response. Data can be fed automatically into the unit, or via a user input such as zip code.

- Sequencer: Ensures that the user is served a different creative for every sequential impression delivered.

"Advertisers want to move beyond pre-roll in online video to solutions that support interactivity and engagement. Tremor Media's new ad formats are a great example of the type of innovation that will allow our advertisers to combine the power of sight sound and motion with interactive functionality for richer engagement. We are pleased to be working with Tremor Media to leverage these formats to develop unique and customized solutions for our clients," says Adam Kasper, Senior Vice President, Director of Digital for Media Contacts.