BlogTV : Broadcast Yourself

When people ask me how they get more traffic, more recognition online, sell more, whatever, my response is always the same - "become an expert source." What does that mean? Show off your talent(s), share your opinions, build a community.

So how do you do that?  Broadcast yourself. Produce as much content as possible to support your products and/or services and share it with prospective audiences at every opportunity (for example on your site and through social networks). But if you've been suffering from blogging burntout a bit and turning out article after article and post after post, why not actually, well, broadcast yourself instead?

BlogTV is a new service which lets you do just that. If you've got a webcam, you can broadcast your own live show. How cool is that?

BlogTV features include:
- Start recording easily after sign up (it literally took me less than a minute to get started)
- Chat with your viewers in real-time (a great way get live feedback)
- Co-host shows by inviting audience members to co-host with you
- Share your shows (send to friends, post to blogs and sites, set up RSS feeds)
- Manage and Archive (organize, change titles, descriptions, tags, pictures, etc.)