Content Marketing Amplification with Outbrain

Content discovery platform Outbrain has launched a self-service offering for marketers looking to drive more traffic to their content assets.

Outbrain's platform essentially offers a pay-per-click model for content distribution. With a daily campaign minimum of just $10, the platform should prove sufficiently accessible to those looking to ramp up their content marketing efforts. 

Once a business submits its content (via an RSS reader or individual links), the content appears as an editorial recommendation ("Suggestions for Further Reading" or "More From Around the Web") on publisher sites including CNN and MSNBC. The number of times links are shown depends on a variety of elements including the campaign budget. Outbrain's algorithms ensure that the content is placed only on contextually relevant publisher sites. Customers (publishers) are then able to monitor results via the service's analytics dashboard and manage specific campaign efforts, including their budget. 

"Businesses large and small understand the importance of content marketing. Whether it's a Fortune 500 publishing a white paper, or a restaurant framing a great review from a local newspaper and hanging it in their window," said Yaron Galai, Outbrain cofounder and CEO. "Outbrain Amplify enables marketers to realize the full value of their content by exposing it to captivate audiences on some of the top publishers in the world."