Content Marketing Fuels Integrated PR and Comm Strategies

Content marketing has exploded in popularity (and usage) the past few years and today is influencing nearly every facet of the enterprise.

Financial-services public relations and integrated marketing firm BackBay Communication recently published a study quantifying and analyzing the use of content marketing programs and social media among the world's 200 largest asset management firms, and found that nearly 9 out of every 10 (88 percent) have implemented content strategies, leveraging multiple mediums and distribution channels.

In addition to the near ubiquitous adoption of content marketing, the study revealed that video (93 percent) and regular insights or market commentaries (90 percent) are the two most common mediums employed, and that over half (51 percent) are publishing new content on at least a weekly basis.

When it comes to content distribution, asset managers are also embracing social media, with 95 percent active on at least one social media platform and nearly three-quarters (74 percent) active on four or more social media channels.

"The results of this study show a considerable shift in the attitudes of asset managers globally as it relates to marketing and how they engage with key constituencies," said Bill Haynes, BackBay Communications President and CEO.

"The nearly universal embrace of content and social media not only demonstrates the evolving digital landscape and new willingness of asset managers to connect with audiences online, but also speaks to the role of thought leadership to connect with clients in an authentic way and develop trusted relationships and, ultimately, a strong brand."