Content Migration with Sitecore and Kapow

If you've ever transitioned to a new a content management system you know how difficult it can be. For those with thousands of pages and a variety of content assets however it can feel nearly impossible; so much work is involved in fact that I have personally seen many end up not changing at all and sticking with their legacy systems. Is there a better way? You bet and it's called automated content migration.

One of the most reliable tools/resources/services I am aware of to support this immense challenge and transition is Kapow Software and what I hear from other web professionals is that it is indeed well worth the cost. Last week, enterprise content management solution Sitecore and Kapow Software announced they have partnered to make migrating legacy digital assets a little bit easier.

Customers can now automate the migration of content from multiple content management applications into Sitecore's Web CMS using the Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform. The Kapow Katalyst Platform extracts content and metadata from existing websites, unstructured files, databases, and other sources, and then apply business rules to transform and map source content to Sitecore's content templates, loading directly into Sitecore's CMS.

"Having the right content at the right time in the right place is critical to any business," said Rory Byrne, vice president of business development, Kapow Software. "Migrating legacy Web content presents many challenges, as migration scripts and manual processes reduce accuracy and stretch project timelines. By integrating with Sitecore CMS, the Kapow Katalyst platform can extract, transform, and migrate data and metadata from any content management system automatically, and load it into Sitecore in a fraction of the time and cost."