Create a Video Background for Your Web Page

Minimalist Web pages have been popular among designers for quite some time, but the trend is evolving in some elegant and sophisticated ways. 


Today, for example, you might see standalone websites use video backgrounds on these often sparse pages. One incredibly lightweight (coming in at just 3.6K) jQuery plugin to check out, if a Web page video background appeals to your design sensibilities, is Vide


The plugin works on all modern desktop browser (including IE9+), and while it has some trouble working on iOS and Andoird devices, it's definitely an option if you're looking to add some depth and interest to your once flat (and probably somewhat boring) single page websites. Designers and developers also have a few control options including those for volume, playback, looping, autoplay, etc.


There are, of course, several others jQuery plugins you might want to consider that provide (somewhat) equivalent functionality, including BigVideo, CoverVid and Supersized.