Create and Share Videos With New Vidyard Studio

In a recent report from analyst firm Demand Metric, more than 70 percent of marketing and sales professionals reported that video converts better than other content types, yet fewer than 10 percent are actually using it to effectively engage, qualify and convert their audiences.

A new solution aims to bridge this gap, enabling sales and marketing teams to create and share video content and leverage video analytics to better understand their audiences and improve results.

Vidyard's newly launched Vidyard Studio is a product that makes it possible to create and share custom videos. The solution makes it easy for sales teams to create custom videos from existing presentations, share them securely with prospects and customers, and track how much of the videos they actually engage with. Because of Vidyard's unique integration with, individual viewers can be identified and tracked right inside existing lead records, giving powerful insight into which prospects are consuming the most content and are ready to convert.

"Video has emerged as the most effective content medium for sharing information and engaging with audiences, yet it remains inaccessible and daunting to most sales and marketing professionals," said Michael Litt, CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard. "With Vidyard Studio, we have taken complexity out of the picture so that anyone can create and share custom videos and analyze viewing data to get the best results."