DaCast Video on Demand (VOD) Rolls Out

Self-service live streaming platform DaCast rolled out Video on Demand functionality today. Using the platform, broadcasters can create premium content from their existing media libraries or develop archives of previous live shows. This "premium content" can be streamed from anywhere - from Facebook to websites in HD.

By supporting previously created content for streaming, DaCast has also helped to position itself and its users to monetize. Through DaCast, ads can be attached to the video content stream, or broadcasters can utilize a pay-per-view subscription model. Through DaCast's Pay-in-Play payment system, VOD content can be purchased from within the media player.

"After honing our skills in live streaming, DaCast is now aiming to offer a true all-in-one platform for streaming," said Stephane Roulland, CEO of DaCast. "By adding support for previously created content, users can now stream any type of video and audio they want from a single account. They can leverage the easy set up to quickly start streaming and monetizing their existing media content."

DaCast has been moving towards VOD the past few months. DaCast released its Pay-in-Play system back in March and EdgeCast Networks and Dacast expanded their partnership in early May, 2011 to enable broadcasters to deliver content through the Edgecast CDN. Is it ready for primetime?