Dynamic Content in Display Ads

Data management and ad optimization platform Aggregate Knowledge released a Flash Developer Toolkit that makes it easy for Adobe Flash and ActionScript developers to add dynamic content to display advertising. 

The toolkit offers Flash desginers a creative packages that includes sample images, FLA souce files and pre-build XML code to simply connecting dynamic content. ActionScript coders aren't left to their own devices either. That toolkit' sample packages include ActionScript libraries and documentation to ease the dynamic creative development process. 

"The world of creative design is rapidly evolving. It's time to unleash the full power of the creative designer's imagination. We created the AK toolkit with that in mind," said Pascal Bensoussan, vice president of Product and Marketing. "AK is building the next-generation data management platform that adds data-driven targeting and optimization to the unique designs of creative artists, who can do what they do best and leave the rest to us."

The AK Dynamic Creative toolkit is now available from Aggregate Knowledge and accommodates IAB standard Flash display ads in multiple formats.