Editor's Letter: Reading the Content Waves

The interest in leveraging content to influence customer acquisition and retention is most certainly trending, but know this: There has never been a time in the history of the Web when content did not play a vital role.

The difference between now and years past, however, is that significantly more "publishers" are creating content, which means competition for engagement is at an all-time high. This is when marketers start to get nervous - asking for more budget (time, resources), spreading their departments thin trying to be on every available channel and over-thinking strategy in general. When approached more patiently - knowing that much of the time will be spent planning and promoting versus producing - marketers can start to take their content marketing to new heights.

There are parallels to be seen between the Web and its users and the ocean and its surfers. The latter, for instance, know how to read waves and much of their time in the water is spent assessing which opportunities to "take." They look outward watching the waves form, evaluating whether it is one they want to turn around and start paddling for. This assessment, exertion of energy and then the subsequent "ride" is not unlike successful content marketing initiatives.

Likewise, experienced surfers are able to extend a ride, keep an eye out for other participants and paddle back out repeatedly. It is this methodical, tuned-in approach to content marketing that we cover in this month's feature of Website Magazine. Whether an enterprise is at the beginning stages of developing their content strategy or consider themselves mature in this area, the feature will help readers re-focus their efforts. While critically important to acquiring new customers and retaining loyal customers, content is not the only topic covered in this issue of Website Magazine.

Readers will gain practical tips on boosting ecommerce conversions (timely considering peak spending season is just months away), using pay-per-click advertising to run defensive and offensive public relations campaigns and learning to design their sites for significant elements that impact a buyer's journey.

As always, we encourage you to read through this issue in its entirety and then visit us on the Web where our editors and industry contributors publish content daily that matters to your online success.

Best Web Wishes,
Peter Prestipino
Website Magazine Editor-in-Chief

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