Filtering Forum Content with CrowdReport

Forum community CrowdGather has announced the launch of a new online content filtering tool, dubbed CrowdReport, which aims to help strengthen brand safety for advertisers on the CrowdGather network.

The CrowdReport solution flags potentially inappropriate content for review, and will eventually incorporate the ability to automatically prevent the rendering of display advertisements on pages with questionable or offensive user generated content. Long term, CrowdGather plans on incorporating the CrowdReport content filter as a feature in its forum advertising marketplace to ensure brand safety for both advertisers and participating forums or online publishers.

"Many online publishers with user generated content are often overlooked by quality advertisers and ad networks due to the risks caused by allowing advertisements to render real-time alongside non-curated user content," said Sanjay Sabnani, CrowdGather's Chairman and CEO. "By providing them with peace of mind that their brand messages will get visibility against only good content, CrowdReport will help bring quality advertisers, agencies, and networks to the world of online communities. Our success in this initiative should result in increased payouts for our properties as well as those of our partners."