Find Your Next Podcast Host

Podcasting platform Anchor has released a new feature that will enable podcasters to find like-minded people to work with on their broadcasts.

Available now through the Anchor Android and iOS app, the new "cohosts" feature essentially matches podcasters with other users who are looking to discuss the same topic. 

Anchor users interested in the feature simply choose a pre-set topic from the app's homescreen, or suggest something more specific, and Anchor then finds those who have indicated or expressed an interest in discussing that subject. The features then gives the two prospective cohosts a 30-second virtual "meet-and-greet" to discuss how they're going to have their conversation, and then recording can begin. These conversations are designed to be impromptu and will not be published immediately. Instead, both participants will be provide with a copy of the chat so they can do what they want with the recording.

The podcasting platform released several new tools and features earlier in the year including more robust creator tools, distribution mechanisms, analytics, and a new web-based interface and that has driven up the apps popularity quickly in the past few months.  Anchor is definitely one of the more interesting solutions available for podcasting as it really does automate a lot of the tedious behind the scenes stuff. The new co-host feature makes the solution even more of a must-have for the modern digital marketing toolset.