Finding & Resolving Mixed HTTPS Content

SEO software solution Link-Assistant has released a new feature in its WebSite Auditor solution that will help search optimization professionals check for mixed HTTPS content. 

When moving websites to HTTPS, as many likely know firsthand, some content ( e.g., images, videos, CSS and JS files), end up remaining loaded over an HTTP connection. As a result, these insecure elements become loopholes and let attackers break into otherwise secure websites. User experience suffers as well: the vulnerable parts of pages won't load or the users would be prevented from accessing the pages altogether.

The new WebSite Auditor feature will enable SEOs to scan website pages and identify common HTTPS migration issues and help them to resolve those mixed HTTPS content errors in the process. Link-Assistant will not only show the exact insecure elements (images, videos, CSS, JavaScript) on each page, but also enable users to send reports to key stakeholders on the issues that need to be resolved. 

"The idea of this feature came from our own experience of migrating our official 20,000-page website to HTTTPS. Redirects, canonicals, mixed content - there've been so many things to keep in mind not to turn the whole endeavor into an SEO disaster," said Aleh Barysevich, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Link-Assistant.Com. 

"As a result, we started to look for a way to automate the process to realize there was no SEO tool on the market to deal with the most common HTTPS migration issue - mixed HTTP/HTTPS content errors. So we thought we need to add this functionality to our on-page SEO tool, WebSite Auditor, and we invite all fellow webmasters to try it out," continues Barysevich.