For The Ladies; SheBlogs Launches

This one is for the ladies. has launched a media PR suite of services, aimed at connecting marketing and PR professionals with the female blogging community. The site already has a community of more than 500 bloggers, who collectively, reach more than 2 million monthly unique visitors and more than 500,000 Twitter followers.

"Our founders have developed an outreach method that is non-invasive and appealing to the blogging community," explains SheBlogs co-founder Michael Conner. "What we have found is that these bloggers - who are eager to connect with PR professionals - aren't being serviced properly by traditional wire services and outreach methods. We've used our experience and research to develop a strategy that delivers results for PR pros while appealing to the blogging community." uses a four-touch approach to outreach for the blogging community they service - utilizing a community Web site, weekly newsletter, Twitter and Facebook outreach to maximize non-invasive press outreach. Among the features SheBlogs offers, PR pros are able to:

- Distribute press releases - much the same way that they would issue media alerts and releases through a traditional wire service - but to a targeted market of bloggers

- List their companies in the Blog-Friendly Company Directory - where companies can feature corporate information, stock images, and press contact information for bloggers

- Announce contests and giveaways targeted at the blogging community

Pretty interesting. In my opinion there are far too few services which connect content publishers with the PR and marketing industry. While there might be some challenges ahead for SheBlogs and others that follow in their footsteps but based on my experience, any service that brings together two groups that are actively looking to leverage the other is bound for success.