Forrester: Consumers Don't Trust Corporate Blogs

Forrester Research released the results of a study that indicates corporate blogs are one of the least-trusted sources of information online. According to the study, email from friends is highly trusted (77%), consumer reviews come in second (60%), then a whole host of other sources, before a dismal 16% for corporate blogs. So, does this mean your corporate blog is a waste of time? Forrester seems to think so. In their report, they suggest if you're thinking of starting a blog "about your company and its products", you probably shouldn't bother. They go on to state, "if your blog generates leads, links, positive reviews, buzz, or PR, it's probably worth keeping." If not, stop blogging.

I disagree. There are plenty of reasons to have a corporate blog - maintaining your company's image, educating consumers and simple SEO factors are a few. The fact is, most consumers expect a corporate blog, especially from pure play online businesses. To discontinue a blog because of one survey is not an option.

Of course, much of your blog's success depends on its content. Use your blog to announce new products and developments in the company, but don't stop there. Educate consumers about not just your brand, but the industry as a whole. Provide stories of interest to your consumers about your brand. The more you can get your consumers to identify with your company, the better.

What you can take away from this survey is to include other sources in your blog. If, according to the survey, consumers trust consumer porduct ratings and reviews, include some of them in your post about your new product. Solicit testimonials. Write press releases and publish the resulting press coverage. Invite your consumers to participate in your blog and invite guest authors to post.

The point is, you should not discontinue your corporate blog. You should make sure that your blog offers the most possible value to your consumers.