HTML5 Video in Play

The decision you make on the video platform for your website is an important one. While there are many vendors looking to lock up the commercial/enterprise video market including BrightCove, Ooyala, Vzaar, Kaltura and others, there are many other options that deserve the attention (and consideration) of designers and developers.

What's an HTML5 Video Player? Browsers that support HTML5 video have video players built in, including controls like play and pause. In addition to having this built-in player, browsers also give website developers access to the video functionality through a JavaScript API which provide the ability to build custom video player controls or other interfaces that utilize the browser's core video functionality. When you opt for an enterprise focused version, you lose some control over those features. For this reason, many designers and developers are looking for alternatives.

Here are a few HTML5 video players to check out:

jMediaelement: Features includes HTML5 video and audio support with Flash or VLC fallback, small script footprint of 5k, styleable controls, and a strong plugin architecture to extend plugins, the API or behavior of custom controls.

jPlayer: Features extensive platform support (multi-codec, cross-browser and cross-platform), a lightweight player at 8k minified and Gzipped), customizable and skinnable using HTMLand CSS, and extensible architecture. Free plugins are available for popular platforms.

Projekktor: Open source HTML5 video player written in Javascript featuring pre and postroll ads, ability to build playlists, stream channels. Also offers Flash fallback with RTMP support, and a plugin interface

JWPlayer: Features multiple player skinning options (free and paid), option to choose between Flash or HTML5, mobile support for iOS and Android, an extensive library of plugins for social media, analytics, advertising and special effect. Also offers strong delivery features. See an image of the player below.

VideoJS: Features a pure HTML (no javascript) embed code for HTML5 video including a fallback to Flash video player, a strong Javascript library for browser compatibility fixes, and HTML5/CSS skinning. VideoJS also offers plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. See an image of the player below.


What video platform or player do you use on your Web property?
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JW Player



VideoJS Player