Load Testing & Web Performance

Web Performance, Inc. released a new version of its website performance testing application (Load Tester 3.6) last week which includes a number of new features that make it easy to use for its non-programmer user base.

Perhaps the most appealing new feature is in its use of visual displays and video demonstrations. Users can create test cases, run load tests and analyze the results without programming experience. Other new features include Click-to-Configure capabilities (which lets users configure dynamic text entry fields simply by importing a list of established values), a Performance Goal Analysis (which pinpoints system locations that are causing performance problems), and a User Capacity Analysis lets users know exactly how many visitors a site can handle given its current system architecture.

"Most of these new features come directly from our services work," says Chris Merrill, chief engineer at Web Performance, Inc. "We identified a number of key service areas that help our clients the most, then designed the new release to include these features, and to produce smarter reports that quickly direct the user to major problem areas."