Mobile Testing Beyond Conversion

Mobile development teams will now be able to take their analysis to an entirely new level with the release of a new mobile A/B testing capability from Apptimize dubbed Results Beyond Conversion.

The platform enhancement, functionality available through a mobile software development kit, is designed to help product teams iterate and learn faster by enabling them to execute and analyze mobile experiments beyond how tests affect conversion rates of individual actions and funnels.

The new Apptimize functionality makes it possible, for example, to reveal how tested actions affect basket size (how much money was spent), value per customer (how much incremental value over time did a test generate), and occurrences per user (how many times did users take a given action).

"Mobile is no longer just a small ancillary revenue stream or support resource for many organizations," said Apptimize CEO Nancy Hua.

"Executives increasingly want to know how improvements to their apps affect the bottom line. Our team continues to develop capabilities to help product teams innovate and learn what works faster. As more organizations view mobile as an important revenue source, this functionality will enable them to measure what really matters to their business: dollars." Apptimize Results Beyond Conversion