MSN Video Takes a Step Forward

MSN Video has partnered with CipBlast, a video search platform that will automatically index MSN Video content. This should make MSN Video much easier to use and clips easier to find. And as more big online properties bolster up their video offerings, so should you.

Video continues to make huge strides and continues to be indexed in new ways. Google's Universal Search, Meta Cafe, YouTube, AOL Video, Digg ... the list goes on. It's more important than ever to get some video on your site and, more importantly, spread it around.

Also recently announced, Blinkx - yet another video search engine - partnered with 28 new properties, reaching deals with "special interest, or 'Long Tail,' media companies," according to their press release. Seeing a trend here? add to furl add to add to technorati add to blinklist add to digg add to google add to stumbleupon add to yahoo