nRelate Publisher Network for Content Marketing

Content marketing and recommendation engine nRelate just announced that it is now servicing over 20,000 publishers.

Nrelate offers widgets which help publishers to showcase content and increase engagement. The platform offers two widgets to showcase related and popular content, a dynamic unit called the nRelate Flyout which displays related posts when a readers get partway through an article, as well as in-text linking features.

As content publishers are always looking for ways to increase pageviews, which nRelate suggests its products can help with at the tune of a 5-12 percent increase, the platform is worth a look. nRelate also offers some monetization solutions for WordPress users, as well as those on Blogger and Tumblr in addition to a standard JavaScript integration

"At nRelate, we define success not only through analytics, but by the contributions we are making to meet the changing needs of online publishers, marketers and consumers," said Neil Mody, founder and CEO of nRelate. "Reaching 20,000 publishers in our network is an important testament to the growing significance of content marketing. This is a win-win for all parties. Brands are increasingly using platforms like ours to keep their customers engaged through content; publishers are looking for new monetization opportunities; and consumers like Internet experiences based on their interests."

Below is an example of nRelate's related content widget: