Optimizing Digital Media Usage with Improved Video Experiences

Success with video content and video marketing initiatives will come down to the quality of the experiences brought forward by brands, and they require powerful technology to make it happen. 

Digital content delivery solution Limelight Networks recently announced that it will unveil several new enhancements to its existing Video Delivery service, providing added functionality for content conversion, playback delivery and monetization. 

For example, Limelight has partnered with BuyDRM, a leading provider of Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, to offer DRM content protection supporting Microsoft PlayReady, Google WideVine and Apple FairPlay.

Limelight will also introduce improvements for HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming to reduce the latency of live events streamed with Limelight MMD Live (but will continue to support RTMP/Flash streaming) and the ability to simultaneously stream live video while recording it for subsequent use as video on demand content.

Users will also be able to live stream diretly from Android and iOS mobile devices directly to Limelight MMD Live service via Larix Broadcaster, a free application available in Google Play and Apple AppStore.

"Mobile devices are changing the world today and transforming how content distributors create, prepare and deliver digital media," said Christopher Levy, CEO & Founder of BuyDRM. "Working with Limelight, we can securely streamline and automate that process so customers can get to market faster while maintaining their content's security."