Popular Ways to Monetize Your Website (or Blog)

Website Services fourth issue focused on the affiliate industry. The one thing we left out in general is a list of our favorites (or the ones we've used in the past) to monetize our personal sites and the ones we're looking at now. Phone call after phone call comes into the office from folks across the Web wanting to know what the best program is to generate revenue. While it differs for every site, if you're not up to selling advertising on your own site, then below are a few popular options. Do you know of some more programs that our readers should know about - just comment below!

Amazon Associates: One of the first online affiliate programs, Amazon's 1,000,000 member affiliate team earns 8.5% in referral fees for sending visitors to an endless supply of products. Lots of options including the new aStore and Omakase links are making Amazon an even greater contender in the affiliate marketing space.

Commission Junction: Very few (if any) sites make money through CJ by slapping up a few (or a lot) links on their site and calling it a day. It takes years in some instance of content creation and link building for it to pay off. But commission and referral based affiliate programs should be an option if you're dedicated to promoting individual programs, and CJ should be on your radar.

Google Adsense: The most used (and the most abused) program on the Web, millions (my own estimate) of website owners are profiting through the king of all new media's contextual program. Immensely simply to implement, fantastic reporting through channels and pretty good earnings (if you have the traffic juice), it's the default way to monetize your online properties.

Chitika: Chitika calls itself the leader in "impulse merchandising" and I have to admit, I've been prone to click through to the deals offered up on websites and blogs to see the featured merchandise. Hand-select specific products that target the content of your webpage. Over 10,000 affiliates are using the eMiniMalls solution and some big names are using their co-branded ShopLincs.

CafePress: Generating revenue does not have to be all about cookie tracking, clicks, reporting and bleeding edge java script - you can make money by selling tangible goods too. CafePress lets anyone create and sell unique branded gifts (t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs and more), a nice respite from the slew of pay per click and pay per sale opportunities. Works great with an established audience.

BlogAds: Blogging is an essential part of Web marketing these days. If you've drummed up a substantial RSS readership take a close look at BlogAds.com, you can earn 70% of the revenue. With some big names already in the mix, you'd be wise to look into BlogAds.