Promoting Link-Worthy Content

You've spent time crafting content that you're confident will send record-breaking numbers of visitors to your site and generate a near-endless supply of high quality links. All that's left is to submit it to your social networks and let it spread, right? Well, yes... kind of. Social media mavens across the Web don't just stop with Facebook and Twitter (even though those are two of the best destinations to get the viral marketing party started). Most of the link building gurus have long lists of sites to submit to - and we're going to give you a glimpse into where. 


What you'll find in the following list are community sites, social news destinations and premium content, community and bookmarking sites which make for great locales to promote your link-worthy content. While there is no guarantee it will work in every case, you might just be surprised at the value (in direct links and high-value profile rankings) participation provides. 


Fark: If you're familiar with Fark at all, you might already be questioning the value of this list. The truth of the matter is however that a clever headline goes a long way with this community. If you're promoting some edgy, perhaps alarmist material, Fark is nearly perfect and can send immense amounts of traffic. If you like Fark, there are others in the same general category to check out including and


Kaboodle: Merchants often have the hardest time building links but thanks to the rise in popularity of social shopping, Kaboodle has generated the attention of pro link builders thanks to the product lists it makes public - which yields high profile rankings as well. If you're a merchant, Kaboodle is where you should start promoting link-worthy (creative and innovative) products. If you're into Kaboodle, check out,, and


Scribd: The first stop for any content marketer has got to be Scribd. What it lacks for in organization, it more than makes up for in its ability to aid in the distribution of content. Pretty much any content type can work on Scribd (PDFs, PowerPoints, Photos), you just need to share! If you're down with Scribd, then add,, and


Newsvine: While it may have fallen out of favor with the masses, remains one of the top destinations to promote link-worthy content. If you have not returned in a while, now would be the time. While heavily administered, Newsvine does have the ability to sent high quality traffic and does result in strong rankings for those content items that become popular. If Newsvine strikes your fancy, check out,,, and


HackerNews: You've heard of Digg and Reddit for sure, but how abuot HackerNews? Several weeks ago one of our posts made its way onto the site and the site has since made its way in turn onto our must submit to list. While it's difficult to secure a first page ranking on the site, the value is most definitely present. 


Shoutwire: More shouting than your average network here, a cluttered, ad-heavy design actually masks a rather competitive destination to promote link-worthy content. While you might be prone to disregard this site as one more digg-clone, continues to drive a modestly high stream of traffic to active users. Couple that with strong-profile rankings and you've got one more to add to your list. 


More Bookmarking Madness: Shoutwire is fine and dandy, but let's not forget the seemingly endless list of social bookmarking sites to which you can submit your link-worthy content. Some of our personal favorites include,,,,,, and For the literary set, is definitely one to check out as well as a destination to promote niche-content.