Segmentation and Testing Features New to Listrak 4.4

Email marketing solution provider Listrak announced version 4.4 of its offering today. Enhanced segmentation capabilities in the Listrak list wizard and A/B Split Test Segmentation capabilities are the new features. Let's take a closer look at these features.

The new version allows users to create profile header and attributes during the import process in order to match those in the imported data. Listrak users will be able to create new segments and define default values for the import (which will save users time by streamlining the import process). Listrak users also have the ability with this version of the software to create split tests. Users can assign a random segment of the list to receive test versions of the message before the email is sent to the whole list. This provides users with the ability to try different subject lines, offers, graphics, messages, etc., and see what generates the most responses and then deploy the winning version to the remainder of the list. Users can define a specific segment of the list and then assign a percentage of that segment to receive the tests.

Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak, says, "The old days of batch-and-blast messages are long gone. If marketers aren't already segmenting their lists, now is the time to start, or they risk losing their audiences and damaging their reputations. Listrak 4.4 makes it easier for marketers to segment their lists, so they reach each subscriber with relevant, targeted messages. It doesn't take much effort and the results are well worth it."