Stock HD Video Clips at VideoFort

There has always been a rather substantial demand for stock images on the Web, but as consumer demand increases for video, Internet professionals should expect a growing demand for stock video footage. 

And as Wayne Gretzy once said, "you don't skate to where the puck is, you skate to where it's going to be." And that's exactly what VideoFort is doing for video production.

VideoFort recently announced the launch of an all-HD, subscription based, royalty free stock footage platform, giving video content creators access to a substantial (and rather unique0 library of creative video assets. The video footage ranges from aerial mountain clips, African wilderness, rainforest, jungle, city and skylines, sports, health and beauty, food and entertainment; with locations ranging from Beverly Hills to Manhattan, Las Vegas to the Tropics, the Amazon to the Arctic.

"In a world where licensing footage is typically expensive and highly regulated," said Steve Gatena, VideoFort's President, "VideoFort offers a premium low-cost solution, allowing creators to produce Hollywood quality content on demand royalty free."

Membership in VideoFort also includes training, video tutorials, and access to the VideoFort forum. "By learning new skills, using VideoFort's exclusive stock footage library, and collaborating with our creative community, even novice creators can produce professional video content," said Gatena.

Co-founder Alan Purwin, VideoFort's Executive Vice President, is no stranger to entrepreneurship. The owner and founder of Helinet Aviation and ShotOver Camera Systems, Purwin successfully built and sold the revolutionary camera technology company Cineflex. "We are giving creators around the world exclusive access to the kind of footage Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Michael Bay get to use. The aerial footage library we offer is a significant part of my life's work," said Purwin. "At VideoFort we are using our work to help democratize creativity, and we are doing it with the best content in the world. We are pushing others to explore, create, and inspire."