The Future of Video at Adobe is Shoppable

Video is evolving; where consumers were once only able to view, now they can interact. In the realm of ecommerce, that's a genuine game-changer.

There are several solutions on the market for what's being called "shoppable video" including WireWax, Innovid and others, but a very big name just entered the space and it will likely foster greater adoption of the practice.

Adobe just announced that it has launched Shoppable video authoring and publishing tools within its Experience Manager product. The tools will allow consumers (shoppers) to click on products shown/seen in videos and purchase them directly.

In addition to enabling purchase directly from the video, marketers can add links to lead generation forms, quickview product details, landing page microsites, and other campaign activities at cue points in the video. 

Adobe's shoppable video authoring tool and player is included with AEM Assets and Dynamic Media and is being offered at no cost.