The Relentless Pursuit of Engagement

:: Editor's Letter, October 2017 ::

Whether you realize it or not, everything you do as a Web professional is related to the pursuit of user engagement.

Analytics specialists concentrate on discovering data that explains user behavior so that a digital presence can be optimized; designers create "experiences" to ease users into a state of familiarity and drive action; content marketers develop assets that capture the attention of prospective buyers and provide value throughout their brand and product journey. Regardless of the title appearing on your business card, if you are serious about 'Net success then it is necessary to be in relentless pursuit of engagement.

The issue of course, is that "engagement" can be defined in so many different ways - and that is creating a relatively significant problem for today's websites. Data mentioned starting on page 25, for example, indicates that an overwhelming number of online brands are not tailoring their website experiences to individuals (even those who have previously visited a site). By doing so, they are failing to nurture relationships and are jeopardizing their potential profits. Believe us when we say, however, that there has never been a better opportunity than today to make your experience stand out and meet the demands of your audience.

In the October issue of Website Magazine, readers will discover some of the key steps in developing stronger relationships with users, increasing familiarity with their brands and driving results through engagement initiatives. Engagement is essential to the success of every enterprise, but that topic is far from the only one covered in this edition of Website Magazine. Readers will also gain practical tips on the nuances of usability testing, optimizing site search, transforming email design and tackling automation challenges within the enterprise.

As always, we encourage you to read through this issue in its entirety and then visit us on the Web where our editors and industry contributors publish content daily that matters to your online success.

Best Web Wishes,
Peter Prestipino

coverMake a Splash
The Web can make peers out of all of us as we consume and share information that, hopefully, helps us all make a greater difference in our careers and communities.

This month's cover art speaks to that interconnectedness, as it was contributed to Unplash by Ante Samarzija of Germany who is a creator and sports enthusiast.