The Sun Sets on Video Ad Units

Google will be sunsetting (ending) the video advertising units feature, which allowed publishers to show YouTube content and ads on pages for a share of the revenue. The program will end at the end of April 2009. 

This change won't affect the availability of other video-related ads options. Video ads may appear in your AdSense for content ad units if you've opted into image ads, and AdSense for video is still accepting applications from eligible publishers who produce video content. 

Once video units are retired at the end of April, any remaining Leaderboard or Skyscraper video units on your pages will direct users to, while other video unit sizes will automatically be changed to standard embedded YouTube players. These standard video players will display top YouTube videos, but you won't generate earnings from them once this change occurs. If you have fewer than three ad units on your page, you may prefer to replace your video unit with a regular ad unit.


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