Threaded Comments (and more) at Blogger

Google's Blogger platform announced recently that it is now offering threaded comments.

While other popular blogging platforms (most that I've come across recently in fact) already have threaded commenting as a core feature - or at least offer plugins to support it -  it's a neccessary addition with such a heavy emphasis on social these days.

Threaded commenting, for those unfamiliar, makes it easy for users, and the blog owner themselves, to tell the difference between whether a reader is making a general comment about the post content iteself or if they are replying to another comment in the comment thread.  Threaded comments are a great way to let users socialize amongst themselves and discuss the content.  For many weblog owners it has done wonders in the "community building" department. 

Google has actually made several enhancements to Blogger over the past few months including improvements to Adsense, custom domains and of course integration with the Google+ platform. In early December, Blogger made it possible for users to link a blog to their Google+ account and access a prefilled Google+ share box after publishing a post.