Use of Live Video By Publishers Expected to Grow in 2018

Video has long been one of the most rewarding formats for digital marketers but it has also been one of the most challenging. 

A recent report from video creation platform Wochit, " The State & Future of Social Video," found that marketers are expected to dramatically increase their use of live streaming in 2018. Wochit's study, for example, found that 88.2 percent of respondents plan to increase their video spending in the coming year.

Even with greater investment, marketers know there will be challenges with video. 

In Wochit's survey, 69.5 percent cited the time and effort needed for video development as the biggest challenge. The second most prominent concern was that of ROI; 36.2 percent felt they couldn't necessarily understand what factors would enable them to increase their success.

The survey also revealed that companies are looking to experiment in new formats, with a significant focus on live streaming. Seventy-five percent of all participants and 82.9 percent of the publisher/media group, in particular, expressed their interest in experimenting with the format (followed closely by 360 degree video and interactive video).

The reasons why marketers are planning to use video were also identified in the Wochit report, with growing a social audience, monetization, and keeping up with changing consumer interests indicated as the primary reasons for greater investment. 

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