Vertster White Label Multivariate Testing for Agencies

Vertster has released a suite of their multivariate testing and optimization tools as white-label ready for online marketing and SEO firms. In essence, it's a way for agencies to differentiate themselves from competitors. "This makes it easy for the agency to brand themselves and provide value to the customer," says Ralf VonSosen, VP of Marketing for Vertster. The tools even offer custom CSS so the agency can control the look and feel - matching their brand.

What could be realy attractive to many agencies is Vertster's flexible pricing model. The agency charges a flat monthly fee of $50, then a small fee for each test run. In this way, the agency is not paying for services they are not using, and can build the cost of the tests into their service charges for customers. "It removes the risk for the agency," says VonSosen. "It's for agencies that want the service but don't want to take on a fixed cost."

Vertster is owned by U-PRO, Inc., a Web marketing agency based in Salt Lake City. To learn more about the white-label solution visit Vertster online.