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Want to learn how to make a scarecrow? How about step-by-step guides to making and bottling your own wine? Could you use a little relationship advice? You can find all of these and much more at This how-to video site provides tips and advice and detailed instructions to a variety of topics and tasks. And it's free.

For the business owner, there's opportunity here too. You can become an "expert" simply by uploading video. You get an account page where you can detail your qualifications - including some shameless self-promotion. In fact, MonkeySee recommends that you share your experience with the community, even in the videos themselves, as long as its for the purpose of establishing credibility. And since you own the rights to your video, you're free to upload it anywhere else across the Internet. In the end, it's another channel to get your business some exposure in the fast-growing online video market.

There are also options to become a Featured Expert, offering even higher visibility in exchange for top-quality videos.