A Brand Name by (dot) Design

The new generic top-level domains you hear so much about don't mean a thing to most 'Net professionals; but there is opportunity in a few of the new extensions and (dot)DESIGN may be one of them. Here's why.

(dot)DESIGN, which just enterered into general availability (GA) this week, could prove to be a very useful extension for a variety of purposes. The domain name extension can be used by those involved with digital (and Web) design, industrial design, packaging design, user experience design and even fashion design. Essentially, there are quite a few potential use cases and that alone could secure the extension's success in the future. 

The (dot)DESIGN extension, as of the time of writing, has 6,672 registrations. Not bad for a for just a week but it has a long, long way to go to catch up to some of the other new general top-level domains. One of the reasons may be the higher price tag (ranging from $29 at GoDaddy today to $39 at United Domains).

Can (dot)DESIGN compete against the likes of (dot)SCIENCE or (dot)CLUB? Share a comment below now.