TOP 50: Domain Name Extensions

Every enterprise will make an important decision related to how their business will be "seen" on the 'Net: they will choose a domain name, and today they have more options than ever before.

The .COM extension, of course, has been the digital standard since the inception of the commercial Web and it is positioned to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Verisign, the administrator of the .COM and .NET registries, recently released its latest quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief on Q1 2016 and it confirms .COM's absolute dominance in the digital name space today. Total domain name registrations worldwide, according to the Verisign report, reached over 326 million at the end of the first quarter - an increase of 12 million from the previous quarter (and a 3.8 million increase in registrations over the past 90 days). Year-over-year, there was an increase of 32.4 million names or approximately 11 percent.

The .COM extension clearly remains the option of choice, of course, but things are (slowly) beginning to change. One of the most interesting findings revealed within the recent Verisign report was that 4.9 percent of all current registrations represent new gTLDs (over 16 million). Expect that total (and percentage of total share) to grow as additional extensions are introduced like .WEB (which Nu Dot Co, LLC, won the auction for at a record price of $135 million,

With a greater inventory of descriptive, keyword-rich domain extensions available, it is Web professionals looking to differentiate the experience they provide that are driving adoption (there might also be some minor benefits to search and social marketing campaigns,

This month's edition of Website Magazine's TOP 50 highlights the current most utilized new generic top level domain name extensions in order to showcase the myriad options available for those ready to make a decision about their next domain name extension.

WHERE TO REGISTER New Top-Level Domains

Now that you know what domain names are most appealing to today's enterprises, where should you register them? Check out Website Magazine Top 50 Domain Registrars for 2016.

1. .XYZ

2. .TOP

3. .WANG

4. .WIN

5. .CLUB

6. .MOBI

7. .SITE

8. .VIP

9. .LINK

10. .BID


12. .XIN

13. .REN

14. .RED

15. .LOAN

16. .CLICK


18. .GDN

19. .DATE

20. .SPACE


22. .TECH

23. .KIM


25. .TRADE


27. .LOL

28. .PARTY

29. .WORK


31. .NES

32. .NYC


34. .ROCKS

35. .PUB


37. .FAITH

38. .CLOUD


40. .ONE

41. .GURU


43. .LIVE

44. .OVH

45. .EMAIL

46. .TODAY

47. .HELP



50. .TOKYO