CPXpi for Domain Portfolio Holders

Online ad network CPX Interactive has developed a software solution that offers domain monetization and service providers the ability to offer their client domainers URL-level performance and revenue insight into their domain portfolios. The solution, called CPXpi - Portfolio In-site, will begin beta testing with some of the industry's largest players.

CPX Interactive has been serving display ads across the URL portfolios of domain service providers for quite a while. The issue is that these service providers must then track the revenue for the hundreds of thousands of URLs owned by each of their (often thousands of them) portfolio clients. This process, as you might imagine, can be extremely resource intensive.

The company's new CPXpi - Portfolio In-site solution is essentially a tool to provide better insight into this process. CPX's VP of publisher acquisitions, Mike Zacharski, explains the reasoning for releasing the service: "Our goal was to give domainers real tools to let them better understand the value of individual domains."