Domain Market Study

Sedo announced yesterday the results of its annual Secondary Domain Market Study (PDF). In 2008, top selling domains yielded $77 million in revenue - an 8% sales increase over  the $72 million total from 2007.


Sedo's list of highest selling domains in 2008 includes for $1,176,672, for $1,015,000, for $650,000, for $478,149, for $400,000, for $365,000, for $360,000, for $350,000, for $300,000 and for $260,000.


The study showed that .com remained the most wanted extension, drawing in 76 percent of all sales. In second place was .net at 9%, and .info secured third place with 7% of sales. These results remained consistent with the generic top-level domain shares in 2007. Overall, every worldwide TLD except .biz saw an increase in the number of domains sold in 2008.