Domain Extension .PRO More Accessible

Accredited professionals (lawyer, accountant, engineers, doctor, etc.)  might want to consider adding a .PRO extension into their domain portfolio. 

Encirca, the ICANN accredited registrar for dot Pro, says that demand for the Internet address surged over 125 percent in 2010. That's not neccessarily the main reason you would want to pick one up however. The reason is that the price has been dramatically reduced (and is now more in line with other domain names) to a respectable $10/year ($14.95 renewals - down from nearly fifty dollars previously. 

Licensed professionals from anywhere in the world can register a Dot-Pro domain names. Dot-Pro is a restricted domain name, which means that it is only available for professions where an official credential is required for a business or individual to offer services. Applicants need just submit the date of registration, the profession, the jurisdictional country, the licensing authority and hte license number along with a link to the licensing authority's website. 

"We'd like to help kick-start businesses' marketing efforts by offering a reduced Dot-Pro registration," says Tom Barrett, President of "Dot-Pro delivers branding for professionals that no other extension can provide and certifies to customers that you are fully licensed. Many professionals have names that they would like to register but have been taken in .com."