EuroDNS offers Afternic DLS access

Domain name registrar EuroDNS announced that it has deployed Afternic's "Instant Transfer" technology for domain sales. 

EuroDNS customers are now be able to purchase a secondary market domain directly from the domain listing service (DLS) of Afternic. Customers of the domain name registrar will also be able to sell directly on Afternic's DLS. 

"Through our partnership with Afternic's DLS and the launch of the new Instant Transfer technology we are delighted to offer our customers immediate and direct access to premium domain names," said Lutz Berneke, the recently appointed CEO of EuroDNS. "All buyers and sellers will benefit from the new platform, which represents for domain buyers a 'one-stop-shop' to the world's largest domain portfolio, and for domain sellers access to the best global platform for listing their name for sale."