Location-Based Domain Splitting Arrives

Sometimes the innovation in the Internet industry surprises even me and I'm a virtual old timer - working over ten years on the Web. What you're about to read I am pretty confident you'll find as fascinating as I do. 

Root Orange, a provider of geographic domain-splitting (really the only one that I know of), today announced the official launch of their service (their first client is attorney.com). 

The company and service enable domain owners to allow multiple people or businesses to exclusively operate the same domain name in different geographic markets. 

Enabling localized leasing of domain names opens up new online marketing possibilities for small businesses. "We're excited to launch our game-changing technology so small businesses can finally stand out from the crowded online marketplace and boost the return on their always limited marketing dollars," said co-founder Camilo Acosta.

Root Orange's domain-splitting technology gives small businesses the ability to use generic domain names for their websites which can increase response rates dramatically and even compete with bigger businesses for the same customer base.

Color me green with envy? Nope, color me orange for impressed.