Moniker Launches Domain MaxLock, a provider of Domain Asset Management® services, announced the introduction of Domain MaxLock, a product designed to safeguard domain assets from employee errors or malicious cyber attacks.

Protecting domain assets and the revenue associated with them is considered a high prirority for domain investors as "unauthorized transfers - often times a result of shared accounts, employee errors, high-jacked email accounts, automated transfers or pushes by domain marketplace distribution networks - represent a significant risk to businesses and can cause substantial damage to business operations and revenue."

With MaxLock, domain assets cannot be transferred or "pushed" to another account without a thorough off-line validation and account verification process performed by the Moniker security team.

"Safety for domain assets is critical, and MaxLock is the best service available for anyone who wants iron-clad protection for their names," said Monte Cahn, head of the Aftermarket and Registrar Division of Moniker parent company Oversee. "Over time, Oversee's companies will continue to make available the tools anyone involved in the industry needs to conduct business efficiently and safely."