O.CO Goes to Overstock.com for 350K

Online retailer Overstock.com believes in the power of the new .co domain extension, shelling out $350,000 USD for O.CO and related URLs.

"The O is such an important and recognizable part of our brand," said Overstock.com Chairman and CEO Patrick Byrne, "in the new era of the Internet, where short and memorable web addresses are critical for capturing the attention of mobile and socially connected Internet users, our O.CO web address will help to reinforce our brand and expand our business among these audiences."

.CO Internet is showcasing the O.CO website, along with other early adopters of .CO domains, at www.Opportunity.co.

"Overstock.com's purchase of O.CO is an investment in its future, and it also speaks to the confidence they have in the credibility and marketability of the .CO domain," said Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO Internet. "As one of the first U.S. public companies to use its .CO domain to build its global brand, Overstock.com is further proof that .CO domain names can create a new world of opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs to brand themselves online."