Protect Your Brand and Save a Headache

On the Web, the most valuable part of your business is your brand, and branding always starts with the name of your company and website. Thus, it's critical that you protect that identity to safeguard all of the assets you have wrapped up in it.

Recognizing the importance of brand name protection, "value based" domain name registrar NameIT has partnered with Digital Media Monitors LLC to provide its clients with brand security and domain monitoring services.

Digital Media Monitors was selected because of its in-house expertise and access to "the most powerful domain monitoring tools available," allowing NameIT customers to stay updated on the information needed to legally protect their brands. In addition, thanks to proprietary technology and alert systems, NameIT will be able to notify customers of any changes that may have an impact on their brands or businesses, which gives them an opportunity to take immediate, effective action.

This new service, known as NameIT Domain Monitoring and Brand Protection, offers four unique ways to help look after the identities of its customers. The first is Registrant Alerts, which alert businesses or individuals with registered domains anytime their brand name appears in a whois record for newly registered, renewed, or deleted domain names.

NameIT is also offering Brand Alert, so that businesses will know anytime a word or string of words close to their brand is used in a domain registration.

The third service is Domain Monitor, which provides information on the expiration dates and statuses of the domain names, and notifies customers of any status changes.

Finally, NameIT is offering its clients access to a plethora of industry experts and attorneys that can provide assistance in disputes, appraisals, and domain name sales.