Russian ccTLD .—Ä—Ñ On the Move

New internationalized domain name .—Ä—Ñ (which stands for –†–æ—Å—Å–∏–π—Å–∫–∞—è –§–µ–¥–µ—Ä–∞—Ü–∏—è, or Russian Federation in English), which opened less than one week ago on November 11th, will reach 460,000 registration today.


The extension has been immensely popular as approximately 100,000 domains were registered in less than three hours after the opening general registration. 


ICANN representative Veni Markovski noted that the initial response has exceeded their initial expectations. 


Markovski also noted that a black list of 4,023 words exists (mostly vulgar) that are not allowed for registration. Users however are finding ways to bypass this by placing words in front and/or behind the contentious words.


A snapshot of the .—Ä—Ñ growth: