Sedo Rolls out Domain Advertising

Domain name market Sedo launched a new service today which will allow advertisers to purchase ads directly on domain names that are parked at Sedo with performance-based pricing.

SedoDNA (short for Sedo Domain Name Advertising) will enable advertisers to display advertising in relevant categories and on geographical domains - but it might just work best on keyword rich domain names. With a network securing over 92 million unique monthly visitors and with 6 million domain names currently parked at Sedo this is a genuine advertising opportunity to consider. 

SedoDNA relies on the belief that direct navigation traffic is worthwhile to acquire. I'm not personally a believer yet. There are few details on how the service works (or how well it works) and Sedo is doing nothing more at this point than touting the same benefits that every other advertising network uses; exceptional ROI, targeting traffic, flexible customization, and of course an opportunity to "diversity and support" existing SEM campaigns.