The Evolution of Domain Parking

NameMedia launched a content site development option for domain name developers (domainers) through its online publishing platform at

Publishers now have access to a more than 20,000 sources of content (e.g. articles), more than 150,000 keyword-related topics, more than 100 content-rich themes, over 2 million produts and reviews pre-built into each site's "Store" tab and streamlined integration with NameMedia's and sites for marketing domain names. There are no setup fees - regardless of the number of domains.

"Today's launch means SmartName customers have a proven, compelling method of fully developing their domain names into content-rich sites that provide a compelling experience for consumers-and can do so easily for one domain or hundreds of thousands of domains," said Kelly Conlin, NameMedia Chairman and CEO.

Domain name owners can also add their own content from any existing publishing platform, simply by adding an RSS link to their sites.

"Domain name owners now have a single platform to turn their sites into user-friendly ecommerce stores, content-rich sites, or keep them as parked pages," said Kirsten Frederick, product manager for the SmartName platform. "And for the first time, domain publishers have all the reporting and statistics they demand in one dashboard, regardless of what type of site they've published. That makes it easy to optimize a portfolio of names across the full variety of publishing options."