The Fastest Growing New gTLDs

The new generic top-level domains are quickly capturing the attention of marketers looking beyond the .com name space.


Website Magazine regularly covers domain name industry developments in its Domain Masters channel (online and in print) but it's important from time to time to see which extensions are actually being acquired by Web workers. Fortunately, there are reliable resources that can be used to determine which extensions are a must, and which (so far) have been a bust.


NameState, for examples, provides a list of the biggest selling gTLDs as well as those that are the fastest growing. It's the latter that I believe is most important to monitor (for a variety of reasons) but mainly because it relates to what's happening right now in the domain name landscape.


Currently at NameState, XYZ remains the fastest growing (and most popular), but there are many others if that particular extension doesn't appeal to you or match your brand's expectations. Other fast growing extensions) that have captured the attention of digital brands include .CLUB (averaging 2066 new registrations over the last 7 days), .Top (2053), .bid (772), .loan (1493), .win (1821), .space (624) and .online (537 average daily) and .party (406 daily average).


What's useful about the report is that it's easy to see which extensions are growing the fastest. For example, you can see in the image below that .LOL has increased 14 positions in the past 7 days. That might be due to a special promotion - a promotion that your enterprise might want to take advantage of (or avoid).


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