The Perks of Owning a .CO Domain

Here's one more reason to consider adding a few .CO's to your domain name portfolio - PERKS!

.CO Internet, the registry which manages the .CO extension, has launched a membership program that offers some serious perks to registrants. The program focuses mainly on startups (as does .CO) but the benefits will prove attractive if you're in the market for a new domain.

Program perks include free passes to Startup Weekend events worldwide, free tickets to educational events and conferences (e.g. Lean Startup Conference and 500 Startups' Warm Gun Conference), free access to co-working spaces, free SEO consultations, discounts on General Assembly courses, and a $100 Adwords credit - and all for owning a domain name.

"While we're definitely excited by our fast growth, we're not here to build 'just another domain extension,'" said Juan Diego Calle, founder and CEO of .CO. "We're here to support the thriving community of innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, developers, investors, marketers and big dreamers who are building the world's next great businesses and brands on .CO with the fuel they need to take action on their plans - and to succeed."