Airport Ads & Commerce That Are Ahead of Schedule

It's tough not to get excited about advertisements that target with facial recognition, and the sophisticated management systems that deliver personalized messages on those screens based on the gender, age and interest of passers-by.

The future is definitely here and Copenhagen Airport provides us proof. Using the Episerver platform, Copenhagen Airport has impressive future and emerging digital plans including virtual reality, beacons, personalized offers and the aforementioned intelligent advertising via facial recognition technology. Outside the actual physical realm, Copenhagen Airport also enlisted Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (and Valtech) for its digital initiatives including and, which feature responsive design, multi-language support and extensive functionality for connected travelers, including duty-free pre-order, the ability to access flight and passenger information, research and book parking and ground transportation and other features modern website visitors would expect. 

The digital investment makes since for Copenhagen Airport as retail purchases account for 50 percent of its revenue.

"The Copenhagen Airport is a trailblazer in defining next-gen digital experience for today's travelers, truly revolutionizing how we interact and engage with airport services," said Jakob Bartholdy, senior digital business manager, Episerver. "In the digital age, 'know your customer' translates into knowing precisely who needs what at which moment in time. With Episerver as the technology foundation, Copenhagen Airport has managed to create a smooth and personalized omnichannel customer journey that we see as an innovation benchmark for airports."