Last Chance: 9 Holiday Shipping Announcements

The 2013 holiday season is wrapping up, with less than 10 shopping days left until Christmas day.


Although there is still time for shoppers to procrastinate if battling the long lines of traditional brick-and-mortar shops isn't a concern, there isn't much time left for shoppers who'd prefer to place their orders online. To create a sense of urgency and to manage consumers' expectations, many of the Web's top merchants have made it a priority to highlight shipping deadlines on their websites' landing pages. This strategy, however, is implemented very differently throughout the Web's top ecommerce sites. In order to gain inspiration for your own site and to gauge the shipping deadlines floating around the Web in the last week before the holiday, take a look at nine "last chance shipping" examples:



Strategy: Holiday Design
Promotion: Order by 12/19 & get gifts by 12/24


Target incorporates its last-minute shipping announcement into its holiday design. The retailer makes the announcement stand out by highlighting it in a red ornament right next to the words "free shipping."




Strategy: Banner Announcement
Promotion: 4 days left for Free Shipping by Christmas


It is nearly impossible to overlook Walmart's shipping announcement, as the retailer displays it prominently in a banner that follows shoppers throughout the site.




Strategy: Vague Banner
Promotion: Free delivery by Christmas Eve! - when purchases are made by December 21


Nordstrom also uses a banner to highlight its last-minute shipping offer, but the retailer's promotion is actually quite vague as it only provides the message "free delivery by Christmas Eve." However, if consumers take the extra step and click to "see details" from the banner, they are directed to additional holiday shipping information.




Strategy: Dual Announcements
Promotion: Order by 12/21 for Free Guaranteed Christmas Delivery


Like other retailers, Macy's leverages a banner to announce its "under-the-wire" holiday shipping information. To make sure visitors don't overlook the announcement, the company also uses the space at the top of its site to promote its "guaranteed" delivery offer.



Toys "R" Us

Strategy: Revolving Promotion
Promotion: 50% Off Expedited Shipping


Toys "R" Us puts its shipping announcement on the virtual back burner, as the company only mentions expedited shipping in the last slide of its hero image slideshow that is displayed on the retailer's homepage.



Best Buy

Strategy: Keeping Store Pickup and Last Day Delivery Close
Promotion: Christmas Delivery when you order by 3 p.m. EST on December 20


Best Buy not only highlights last-minute shipping timeframe, but also its free in-store pickup promotion. This allows online shoppers to choose the best and most efficient way to receive their packages. 




Strategy: Minimal Corner Announcement
Promotion: Last full day to order with free shipping


Amazon highlights its Christmas delivery announcement near the login area of its site, which is in the upper right corner. The announcement is displayed next to a snowflake to make it easier for consumers to spot.



Bark Box

Strategy: Create a Sense of Urgency
Promotion: Order in 1 day for one-time expedited shipping charge


Although BarkBox is past its holiday shipping deadline already, the company is offering an expedited shipping promotion for a limited time. To create a sense of urgency, the company uses a pop-up window with a countdown that is displayed before visitors are taken to the main site.




Strategy: Colorful Above-the-Fold Announcement
Promotion: Order with standard shipping by 11pm CST on December 19th


Kohl's uses a green and red design to put an emphasis on its last-minute shipping promotion. The promotion is also featured above the fold so that site visitors know exactly how much time they have to place a purchase before navigating the rest of the site.